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More observations in Metro: Exodus

There was some positive response to my previous article, that makes me want to release the updates as soon as possible but I also want to provide substantial updates not single small things. 

Hopefully this update will provide enough interesting content for people to come back again.

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Observations about the rendering of Metro: Exodus


Since the release of the latest installment in the Metro series I’ve spent a few hours looking under the hood and I think there are some things that might be interesting to other tech oriented people. My goal is not to do an extensive analysis or to dig into the shader disassembly but to see some higher level choices the developers made.

Right now there’s no widely available information from the developers about the rendering techniques used in the game. The only official source of infromation is a GDC talk which is not available anywhere online. This is a shame because the game is running on a very nice custom engine evolved from the previous Metro games and it’s one of the first titles using DXR.

Disclaimer: This writeup is not complete and I will be coming back to it and updating it when I find something worthy of adding. It’s possible that I’m missing something because it only happens later in the game or simply overlooking some detail.

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