I could publish so many articles if not for writing. I don’t consider myself slow with typing or writing with a pen. I’m not a world champion, I make a lot of mistakes that I correct immediately but I’m not especially slow. On the other hand I can think way faster. I can think way faster than I can speak even, which is sometimes a problem.

My brain is calibrated to different workloads. I spend most of my day on problems where the solution is less than trivial and the problem needs to be solved as soon as possible. This makes my brain work quite well in short energy burning bursts which sometimes turn into long sessions but definitely nothing like writing. Writing would need me to slow down and just have a steady comfortable workload in my brain while my fingers can catch up. This is not really a good fit for me.

It would be ideal if I could just have a brain dump. Raw unfiltered human thoughts. I’m not sure who would want to consume that but it would remove a lot of hassle for me. Most of the time the thoughts come to me in situations when I can’t write them down. Under the shower, while doing chores, while driving, etc… I really wish there would be a way to just record the thought process and play it back.

Without this the risk of having a free thought process is that it would take me to a point where I don’t even feel like there’s anything I want to write down. After thinking about the same topic for 15 minutes without any new input it can start feeling stale and uninteresting. Who would even want to read about something like that? As I said, my brain is calibrated for short intensive bursts.

At the moment my solution is to do everything I can to halt or at least slow down my thoughts and make a mental note to return to the topic later. Sometimes I try to avert my thoughts to something completely different, in other cases I keep repeating the same sentence in my head until I get to the point where I can write it down or something else catches my attention. All this just to make sure I’m not jumping too much ahead. This takes discipline but I don’t know a better solution yet.

Is this just me? Can others relate to this?

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