The abortion protests of 2020/21 part 1

The following is a set of pictures from the abortion protests of Warsaw, that took place on Friday, 2020/10/30. This was the biggest protest, in the series that started when the Polish Constitutional Tribunal made a ruling to change the abortion law on 2020/10/22. The protests tried (and ultimately failed) to achieve a change in the proposed new law before it got formally published.

This was the first time I went to take pictures at a protest and to be honest I was completely mesmerized by all the different signs that people made by hand or printed. Thus most of the pictures are showing these signs. Since many of them are in Polish it might be more difficult for people to understand, but I tried to explain some things in the captions. Also since the demonstrations happened during the global pandemic, at a time when vaccines were not available yet, I think it’s important to mention that the images reflect how busy this event really was. People set aside their anxiety and gathered to show support for the cause they believe in.

Protesters holding signs with the name and the logo of Strajk Kobiet meaning “Women’s Strike”. This social movement was started in 2016 and was the main organizer of the protests.
“I play on the bagpipe like Kaczyński” says the sign, which has a double meaning because it refers to the name of the Prime Minister of Poland, Andrzej Duda
An abandoned sign saying “this is the end of PiS”

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