The abortion protests of 2020/21 part 3

Continuing from the previous post, this is a set of pictures from the abortion protests of Warsaw, that took place on Wednesday, 2021/01/29. This demonstration was organized as a last desperate attempt to change the decision of the Constitutional Tribunal, which was formally published just two days before. After months of unsuccessful protests, the emotions were at their peak both on the side of the protesters and those who wanted them gone. From all the events I witnessed this one definitely had the most people hurt, which mostly meant getting pepper sprayed in the eyes.

People climbing the fences to get off the street, away from the potential threat of anti-protesters.

Marta Lempart (in the foreground) the founder of the All-Poland Women’s Strike, getting help from the medics after being pepper sprayed in the eyes. Her head held up mirroring the woman on the poster in the background.

Marta Lempart being helped to an ambulance so the medics can provide further assistance.

After getting help from the medics it’s still difficult for some to keep their eyes open.

After the protesters make their way to al. Jana Pawła II, they continue moving north.

Young people cheering on the protest from their balconies

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