Vigil for the ones lost at the Polish border

On 2021/09/20 a small group of people gathered in front of the Polish border guard headquarters building. They came to light candles and remember the four people who were confirmed dead the previous day.

They were all refugees who moved to Belarus in search for a better life. They were transported from Minsk to the Polish border where they died because of the harsh conditions. The Polish government wouldn’t let them in and when they tried entering the country to seek asylum they pushed them back to Belarus by force.

The people who gathered to light the candles, pleaded the government to change how it’s dealing with the situation. There were several foreigners, immigrants themselves, who have seen the conditions that the refugees escaped from.

After all candles were lit, the people who stayed, sang songs together in memory of the people lost.

More than one month has passed since then and the situation is only getting worse, the temperatures at night are below zero at the border and still nobody is allowed to go and help the people survive.

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