Monthly Archives: October 2017


I could publish so many articles if not for writing. I don’t consider myself slow with typing or writing with a pen. I’m not a world champion, I make a lot of mistakes that I correct immediately but I’m not especially slow. On the other hand I can think way faster. I can think way faster than I can speak even, which is sometimes a problem.

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Three months in mentoring

It was a beautiful day in July, during our honeymoon with my wife traveling across Sri Lanka, when the mentoring topic came up on twitter again. All thanks to the forward thinking Sri Lankan mobile providers I had internet access almost everywhere and while being driven around I had the time to catch up on what’s happening in the world. When the mentoring list was first announced I was really happy to sign up and I was waiting for people to reach out to me but nothing happened. (Later it turned out that some people might have been averted by my twitter message privacy settings but hopefully not too many.) After mentioning this to Stephanie she wrote a post rallying the troops to contact me and in 5 minutes my twitter account exploded.

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