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Unmasking the Arkham Knight


This time I’m going to look at a game that came out a long time ago. The possibility of a new Batman game arriving soon made me want to go back and finish the Arkham series. This last installment was released in mid 2015 so I waited almost 5 years to do this. The reason this game might be interesting is that it’s one of the last big games made on Unreal Engine 3, or rather an engine that was a heavily modified version of it. I’m not sure if we would get to see the sources we would recognize much of UE3. At least not on the rendering side. The engineers at Rocksteady and WB Games MontrĂ©al probably worked really hard to keep the engine up to date. After all, at the time when Arkham Knight was released the engine was already 9-10 years old (depending on how it’s counted).

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